The Power of Urban Architecture

Biennale de Venise 2018 - exposition  “Temps, Espace, Existence”
(GAA Fondation) - Palazzo Bembo

Projet de recherche porté par : CMYT R&D - IMM Chaire
Directeur de projet : Cristiana Mazzoni 

50  ans avant et après
relie les expériences passées aux horizons actuels
et met le temps présent en équilibre.

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Far more than a rhetorical discourse, the Power of Urban Architecture is an experience. A cube - an ideal form in charge of representing Architecture - contains a dynamic virtual contemporary City made out of a selection of built and unbuilt design projects, written texts and images drawn from the last 10 years of academic activity and professional practice of our team.

Places and territories of several European and Asian metropolises – Venice, Strasbourg, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing – take on life within the space of 3 cubic meters through projections, transparency and mirroring effects, happening in different parts of the volume. As they unfold, seemingly infinite ambiances develop, allowing the visitor to experience a virtual metropolis whose urban architecture takes shape through intense places of dynamic flows alternating with calm and meditative energy of spaces of contemplation.


Through the use of new media this pure, rigid cubic outside volume metaphorically “breaks” from the inside the limits between scales, interior and exterior, past and future, conceptual and physical territories. Capturing the imagination of the public, this suspended moment in time contained within the cube questions the manner in which the past informs the future, creating a unity within the diversity of urban architecture. Looking into 50 years before & after the present moment, the dynamic interior space thus opens a dialogue where the power of urban architecture is endlessly re-thought, re-drawn, re-read in the ever-changing city.

Urban Architecture emerged, as a specific field, in the 1960s. It was at this moment, with the Italian movement of La Tendenza, that the necessity arose for an epistemological study of the fundamentals of architecture. This conceptual approach notably came together around the idea of a rediscovered relationship between architecture and the city.

The Teatro Del Mondo that Aldo Rossi created for the Venice Biennale several years later was its materialization. Simultaneously linked to the experience of the past and horizons of expectation, it situates the present moment in an equilibrium.

Today, 50 years after the founding writings of La Tendenza, Urban Architecture needs to be facing the apparent chaos of metropolitan situations and the countless issues which arise from them. How to confront this complex contemporary urban condition and face its uncertain futures? How to revive the power of Urban Architecture today?

À propos de l'équipe

L'exposition rassemble une équipe de professionnels des secteurs privés et publics d'Europe et d'Asie, tels que des cabinets d'architecture et d'urbanisme, des chaires de recherche, des écoles d'architecture et de jeunes architectes diplômés :

Atelier CMYT. Agence d’architecture et d’urbanisme, Paris - Strasbourg - Shanghai
Cristiana Mazzoni, Yannis Tsiomis

Partenaires associés
Bin Zhang, Suzuo Architecture, Shanghai
Zengrong Gao, Liuhuan Landscape, Dalian

Franck Senet, Angel Badillo

IMM Chair (ENSAS). Innovative Metropolitan Mobility Chair
Andreea Grigorovschi, Fan Lang
Alexandra Pignol,  Jeremy Allan Hawkins
Pauline Personeni, Mickaël Giraud
Lise Lançon, Frédérique Jeanroy

IMM Chair (CAUP - Tongji UNIVERSITY). School of architecture & urban planning, China
Zhuo Jian , Gan Jing

Jeunes diplômés et doctorants
Luc Anuszewski
Hugo Bertrand
Jean-Philippe Degoul
Lionel Debus
Florian Doutre
Mickaël Giraud
Aubin Gastineau
Vincent Le Pendeven
Amandine Parisot
Pauline Personeni
Pierre-Baptiste Tartas