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Paris Region: Territory’s Frameworks

Paris Region: Ecological Network

Ecological Network Fragmentation due to infrastructures

Northern Paris: Ecological Network and Framework

Mobility and transportations

The large metropolitan scale requires a new approach to the mobility of residents through innovative, ecological public transports. These transports must be conceived as a network (tramway connections, regional trains, motorway network close to the center, tramway ring and high-speed subways). Increase the use of green cars.


Take into account geography, nearby green and blue grids or in the metropolitan area to preserve and protect undeveloped natural and agricultural areas, including those of a smaller scale.

The ecological metropolis

To gradually implement ecological systems for green energies, heating, (carbon performance), rainwater harvesting and household waste treatment.

These priorities must be followed by economic measures, the collaborative governance of the various administrations and between the public and private sectors, housing and habitation and of course the social issue

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